Shareholder Class Action – Biotech Stock

Experts Requested:

Our client sought our assistance in assembling a world-class team of expert witnesses in this matter.


Experts Retained:

We provided the following experts:

  1. An Equities Analyst who covers the healthcare sector, including covering the stock in question during the claim period. The expert provided a well-reasoned report and substantiated his independent opinion with his research that was written years earlier.
  2. One of our esteemed Finance Experts located in the United States of America whose specialised knowledge is behavioural finance. The expert is a Professor of Finance, editor and reviewer for many finance journals and was named one of the 25 most influential people by Investment Advisor.
  3. In addition, we provided a Business Valuation Expert who has extensive experience valuing biotechnology and healthcare related companies. Here it was important to engage an expert from the US as our local business valuer’s experience of valuing such companies paled in comparison to this US expert.


From engaging the various highly specialised finance experts, our client was able to demonstrate that the company was not trading at its true value which was critical in assessing quantum.

Shareholder Class Action – Biotech Stock
Class Action
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3 expert witnesses