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Briefing Expert Witnesses in Construction Disputes

Briefing Expert Witnesses in Construction Disputes

  • letters of instruction as live documents
  • the New Aim appeal decision
  • asking the right questions of the expert
  • information and data needed by an expert in construction disputes
  • conclaves, hot tubs and the power balance between experts


  • Richard Cheney SC – Senior Counsel, Greenway Chambers
  • Leigh Appleyard – Civil & Structural Engineering expert witness
Moderated by
  • Erica Taylor, Director – Learning & Development, ExpertsDirect

Recorded: 18 September 2023

Expert Evidence Update

  • Recent developments and trends in Expert Evidence and the impact of key cases
  • Lawyer involvement in expert evidence process and the Impact of New Aim Pty Ltd v Leung [2022] FCA 722
  • Legal professional privilege within expert evidence and the impact of TerraCom Ltd v ASIC [2022] FCA 208
  • 2022 and 2023 cases of interest from various jurisdictions


  • Erica Taylor, Director – Learning & Development, ExpertsDirect

Recorded: 28 March 2023

Employer’s Liability in a Post-Covid World

According to SafeWork Australia, there were 1,222 COVID-19 related workers’ compensation claims in 2020. Employers must now navigate claims for work related COVID-19 transmission, as well as having to navigate workplace discrimination laws and human rights issues when seeking to keep their employees safe. 

This event will cover:

  • General trends in the employment space;
  • How unfair dismissal and general protection claims differ;
  • Addressing workplace complaints and the impact of COVID on managing investigations; and 
  • How the Fair Work Commission/Federal Court is approaching claims around vaccine/mask mandates. 


  • Alicia Mataere, Workplace Relations Lawyer and Partner at Holman Webb Lawyers
  • Andrew Clark, Senior Insurance Claims Adjuster at Berkley Insurance Australia
  • Scott Fanker, Workplace Review and Investigations Expert 

Recorded: 20 September 2022

Banking and Finance Expert Witness Insights

With the withdrawal of federal, state and territory COVID financial assistance measures, we are seeing a higher caseloads in bankruptcy and insolvency practice. Expert witnesses play an important role in assisting the court on issues relating to bank lending practices.

This webinar will cover:

  • The role of the expert;
  • A barrister’s perspective on working with expert witnesses;
  • Current issues surrounding insolvency with reference to bank lending;
  • The role of a diligent and prudent banker, and the application of institutional lending policies and guidelines; and
  • An expert’s perspective and tips on briefing expert witnesses in banking and finance litigation.


  • Bruce Debenham, Director, Banking and Finance, Perks Accountants and Wealth Advisers
  • Michael Green SC, Barrister, Level 22 Chambers

Recorded: 4 August 2022

The Future of Construction Disputes in the Asia Pacific

Disputes and insolvencies within the construction industry in the Asia Pacific region not only continue but have been exacerbated with the far-reaching impact and disruption of COVID.

Increasingly, these disputes are being played out at an international level. As such, specialist arbitration knowledge plays a crucial role in the resolution of these disputes. 

This webinar will cover:

  • The use of integrated international teams in construction arbitration.
  • The importance of ensuring expert witnesses are aligned early in the dispute resolution process.
  • Procedural complexities of construction arbitration in a post-COVID world.
  • An arbitrator’s perspective on the future of construction disputes. 


  • Simon Bellas Partner, Global Disputes, Jones Day
  • SweeIm Tan, Barrister and Arbitrator, 39 Essex Chambers
  • Ken Hickman, Partner, Global Disputes, Jones Day
  • John Donnelly, Director, DGA Group

Recorded: 16 June 2022


Software & Blockchain Liability with Howard Elliott 

The tenets of ‘Agile’ Software Development have drastically changed the way that developers understand their obligation to customers in the 21st century. The attempt to integrate more customer feedback in development has prompted numerous and significant disputes over liability for software development defects.

This webinar will cover:

  • An overview of the trends affecting software litigation
  • Principles of agile software development methodology and contractual issues
  • An overview of blockchain and its’ associated legal issues

Recorded: 12 April 2022


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