An Expert Report on the ExpertsDirect Expert Training Program

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This guest post was written by OH&S expert, Ray White.

What happens when you put a baker’s dozen of expert witnesses and legal eagles in a room for a day of training? The odd headache perhaps, but definitely no dozing.

Our ten experts, who were babes in Chambers on arrival, were melded into a group of people who, as well as possessing precise knowledge and experience of their respective vocations, now have the skills to more clearly communicate essential information to even the Court’s most jaded participant.

Our three mentors developed skills that are vital in transforming our documents from written sleeping pills to ones that, while they will never be best sellers, allow their readers to quickly get a solid grasp of both the technical issues and substance of a matter. The reader is illuminated rather than bored and frustrated by attempting to learn quickly about something that is utterly foreign and incomprehensible. The light in the tunnel is no longer the headlight of the oncoming train. Instead, it is the light of understanding and placing facts in their correct context.

Despite our experts’ very diverse skill sets, I observed that there was a commonality to the way that we approached our work so that our own practice’s cake, if you will, was well and truly iced by our mentors showing us how to apply our skills within a legal framework and paradigm.

The sheer excellence of the presenters was amazing for both their acuity and knowledge. I cannot recall absorbing so much detail so constantly for an entire day, uninterrupted, and enjoying every minute.

A thrill for me was to see Lynda Young, a barrister, light the cake’s candles with her incisive mock cross examination that gave those of us who are yet to face the other side in court insight into the dread of what may come. Lynda also showed how preparation and calm is used to bring control to bear.

All of the group and my own thanks go to Anna Walsh, Narelle Bell and Lynda Young, in order of appearance, for their excellent and utterly knowledgeable presentations that was obviously supported by much preparation.

Thank you too to all at ExpertsDirect who simply made such a rewarding day possible.


Ray White Dip OHS, TAA40104, COHSPrac (SIA)


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