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As a lawyer, I created ExpertsDirect out of the belief that lawyers should have options when it comes to securing the sort of expert witnesses that will give them the best chance of a successful outcome.


You also have to make sure that:


We all have packed schedules and heavy workloads, and often need to find experts at the last minute. Understandably, these time constraints lead to searching for experts via Google and passing emails around the office—far from optimal sources.

With ExpertsDirect, our goal is to procure highly qualified experts, save you time and energy, and make your life and job easier. Ultimately, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with having a team who understands all of the legal and professional requirements surrounding the expert witness process. Since ExpertsDirect was founded in 2013, we have systemised our approach to providing experts to ensure that our clients build the strongest possible case:


We’ve spent years building our extensive panel of thousands of tried and tested experts whom we’ve briefed in a legal capacity, as well as the infrastructure that ensures an optimal outcome with zero hassles.



For lawyers by lawyers

From years spent in law firms, we understand how tough it is to find the right expert. We understand busy schedules, heavy workloads and the need to find experts at the last minute because we’ve been in those situations.


Richard Skurnik

CEO and Founder of ExpertsDirect

Richard is a passionate entrepreneur and lawyer dedicated to revolutionising the way lawyers and other professionals gain access to expert witnesses.


For a number of years, he worked on high-profile commercial cases and was admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. His exposure to litigation and extensive experience – involving top tier legal, corporate and government industries – aided him in creating a service that delivers access to the best experts who are briefed properly and fully understand their duties to the court.


Richard leads a team with the resources to find highly specialised expert witnesses in fields ranging from Construction, Engineering, Technology, Commerce and Medicine. He is rethinking the outdated processes used by the legal community to find and retain their experts.


Min Yang

Chief Operating Officer

Min is a seasoned business leader who oversees the day-to-day operations at ExpertsDirect.


For 10 years, Min worked in various roles including Senior Business Development Executive at a number of top law firms.


After joining ExpertsDirect in 2015, Min has been pivotal in optimising the operations of ExpertsDirect, including departmentalising the expert hunting, case management and quality assurance arms of the business.

Min also works with the CEO to forecast overseas expansion opportunities and ensure that the company remains the leading provider of highly specialised expert witnesses.


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Don’t risk your case on the wrong expert. Join the growing number of legal firms who use ExpertsDirect to strengthen their cases with highly specialised and niche expert witnesses.


From Sydney to Singapore

Our locations give us access to over 8500 experts and growing, to make us the leading provider of highly specialised expert witnesses throughout Australasia.


From Sydney to Singapore

Our locations give us access to over 8500 experts and growing, to make us the leading provider of highly specialised expert witnesses throughout Australasia.


ExpertsDirect Pro Bono Service

If you are a lawyer needing a free or low-cost expert witness in a pro bono or community legal matter, you can now apply to ExpertsDirect Pro Bono for assistance.


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