Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022

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This International Women’s Day, ExpertsDirect celebrated the achievements of contemporary women in the law and reflected on the contribution of those who laid the groundwork for the creation of a fairer and more gender equal society.

Our official International Women’s Day 2022 Booklet interviews several influential women in the legal industry on what they love about the law, and their top career tips for those coming up the ranks. It also includes tried and tested ways to disrupt and transform gender bias from remarkable women in Australian history. We thank Angelina Gomez, Christine Tran, Edwina Kwan (关凯丽), Frances Dreyer, Jan Saddler, Kaitlin Ferris, Lisa Wright, Mei Yen Tan, Melissa Fenton, Sharon Lin (林慧吟), Susanna Taylor, Tricia Hobson and Alecia Simmonds for their contributions to the booklet as well as their leadership in the legal profession.

ExpertsDirect also shares this booklet to celebrate the invaluable contribution of the women that make up 65% of its team. Your work and camaraderie are true assets to the company and its culture.

Download the Booklet here.

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