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Howard Elliott

Information Technology Expert

Executive Summary

Howard Elliott is an information technology (IT) expert with over 30 years' diverse industry experience. CEO and Principal Consultant at Telemetrics Pty Ltd, Mr Elliott has a breadth of experience extending to eCommerce, telecommunication and data networks, communication (voice and data, mobile, and satellite), and general technology consulting.

Mr Elliott formerly served as Head of eCommerce and Programme Manager for Optus. Within this position, he was responsible for the delivery of Cable & Wireless CWOMarketsite.Net, Optus' Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce Marketplace product suite. He played a major role in forming the partnership between Optus and CommerceOne leading to the establishment of a $30M project delivering an advanced B2B eCommerce Product. It was the flagship product for Optus in the B2B market acting as an interface to communicate with corporations and enterprises.

Mr Elliott was responsible for establishing Optus Multimedia, a division of Optus created to focus on IP, Internet, PayTV and eCommerce services, ensuring quality communications channels were opened and encouraged at all levels. He also managed Optus' Multimedia Product group. It consisted of 6 project managers all under his management. The group's role was to research and manage the provision of necessary infrastructure to support a wide variety of content, service and delivery initiatives.

As a former head of eCommerce at MasterCard, Mr Elliott played a crucial role in improving MasterCard's white label internet payment system known as MiGS. MiGS's performance was well below best practice. It had poor availability of < 97%,  poor response times at <50 tps, and high cost/low margin return. Mr Elliott led a team of over 20 people in Australia, USA, Hong Kong and Malaysia to reshape the infrastructure underpinning MiGS. While the role was envisioned to last 3 years, he and his team were able to achieve their primary goals within 2 years; MiGS now runs at 200+ tps and has 99.9999% availability. It is the flagship product of MasterCard's internet payment portfolio; processing over USD300B in transaction value, 1.5M+ transactions per day, with an average response time of less than 1 second. It generates over USD50M in revenue at 72% margin.

Commencing a career as Consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation in 1980, Mr Elliott founded his own consultancy firm, Telemetrics Pty Ltd in 1987. Over the course of a lengthy and steady career, he has conducted a number of assignments in a variety of industries including financial, government, and telecommunication. A few of his major clients include: MasterCard International, Optus Communications. Telstra, Cable & Wireless (UK), Citibank, Westbank, Commonwealth Bank, and NSW Government. Over the years, he has undertaken large infrastructure investment projects, electronic commerce projects, mergers & acquisitions, and strategic marketing projects.

Mr Elliott has gained valuable experience in a range of areas across telecommunication and has extensive knowledge in satellite and mobile communication, software and system development, infrastructure and system integration. Over the years, he has also become highly knowledgeable in using languages such as C, C++, Java, SQL, MongDB, Cassandra, and VMware. As a leading figure in telecommunication, has been engaged by major companies to complete projects few are able to. Between 1993 and 1995, he completed an excess of 8 large projects for Telstra Corporation. In his position as Programme Manager he was asked to implement international initiatives including telephone networks, satellite services, and submarine cables. A few years later, he was retained by NSW Police as Network design consultant where he provided a detailed review of existing and proposed networks to support terrestrial, mobile, and radio based services. Most recently, Mr Elliott was employed by NSW of Justice (Corrective Services) to develop technical specifications and requirements for local and wide area telephony using both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial satellite services.

Notably, throughout his career, Me Elliott has carried out work for Oracle back in 2010 which related to their move to aaS platforms and cloud services. This was the forerunner of products such as Exadata.

A graduate of Newcastle University, Mr Elliott holds a Bachelor and Master of Mathematics. He has since obtained Master of Business Administration (MBA), Professional Certificate in Commercial Arbitration, Advanced Certificate in Commercial Arbitration, and a Master of Legal Studies. He has developed a range of core skills across all facets of technology.

An experienced expert witness, he has been retained on a number of occasions in matters pertaining to eCommerce, telecommunication software, contract resolutions, and software and system development.



Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Newcastle

Master of Mathematics, University of Newcastle

Master of Business Administration

Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiner (CTCE)




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